About MIchelle Pascoe





About me? Actually it’s all about you and your customers…

Service delivery hangs on the expectations of the 21st century customer, which means mapping and understanding the journey of today’s customer. No matter what industry “service” is the key point of difference, the “human connection”. The emergence of the Extreme Customer, who is connected, competitive, optimistic and relentless in their pursuit of value, is driving changes in how businesses (even large corporates) deliver their product or service.

After decades in the field I believe I know a lot about that 21st century customer and their expectations, and I have a passion for making sure that businesses like yours can exceed those expectations and become outstanding.

I invite you and your entire organisation into a process of creating a business that values people and their experiences from the ground up. The engagement of employees and customers matters if you want impressive results.

If we can work together to get your people motivated, skilled and self-aware your business will flourish. I have worked with hundreds of clients and as soon as an organisation is cohesive and has that kind of culture, excellence and success emerge.

Customers love the attention to their experience and the feeling that comes from dealing with a business like that. They come back and more importantly tell others.

Call me now on 9799 7799 to talk about how to exceed your customers’ expectations or book me as a trainer or speaker.

How did I learn how to make that happen? I started off (many years ago) in restaurant and hotel management. I observed that when the people I managed were content, aware and willing to really be of service in exceptional ways those establishments became popular; with team members wanting to work there, and with customers who enjoyed the improved atmosphere and service. As a result profits increased.

In 1994, with two very young children dependent on me, I combined this hospitality industry knowledge with experience from roles in marketing, human resources, and training, and founded my company Optimum Operating Procedures and Services (better known as OOPS) which now employs over sixty people.

OOPS continues to provide Front-line Customer Service Training, Mystery Shopping and Competitor Audits. I now have years of experience training others to create celebrated service and work places for clients from SME’s to global corporate level.

Over the past two decades I have learnt how to manage and grow a successful business whilst also having a demanding personal life. I found that what I call the ‘care factor’ is what really matters; in management and business, in customer service, in training, coaching and speaking, and of course at home.

I began speaking in 1996 with a focus on customer service, middle management, team building and women in business. I am enthusiastic to always deliver a presentation that is really tailored and relevant to the audience, leaving them with a clear urge to “do something different tomorrow” and some insights into how that may reflect in the company they work for or in their own business.

Since 2001 I have been closely involved as a Mentor with the ‘Women In Business’ programs with DSRD, BEC and other providers, so it was a natural move into Mentoring and Coaching. With my inquisitive nature and dedication to good service I have continually ‘trained the trainer’ and educated myself in best practice and current industry trends to provide services I can feel proud to deliver that I know will really serve my clients and get results.  My Mentoring program “Handbag of Life” launched February 2017.

I am privileged to now have National and International recognition as a leading edge presenter and “authority” on customer service. In speaking, coaching and training I am dedicated to fostering stand out customer service, realising the latent potential of staff, and overcoming the sales “nerve barrier.”

All of my services are offered individually or as a tailor made combination of approaches. Call me now on 9799 7799 to identify what would be most effective for you and your organisation.