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Michelle’s key passion pertains to service delivery and the expectations of the 21st century customer, through mapping the journey of today’s customer, Michelle believes that no matter the industry, service is the key point of difference in creating the essential human connection.  Today’s customer is more connected, competitive, optimistic and relentless in their pursuit of value, driving the changes in how businesses (even large corporations) deliver their product or service.

Her second book The VIP Principle – Discover How Guest Experiences Drive Long Term Growth (Lessons from the Gaming and Casino industry) was launched in 2015 in Times Square and has been widely accepted in the industry as an amazing resource that is easy to read, full of ideas and tips.  Matthew Putna from Hard Rock says “A book that every manager, employee and entrepreneur should own and put into action before the competition does”.

In the book you will discover easy to implement ways to:

  • Measure guest satisfaction to find your strengths and weaknesses
  • Gather competitor intelligence
  • Create a workplace of high-quality values and ethics
  • Develop team-oriented leaders that impress your guests
  • Satisfy current VIP guests and identify future ones
  • Prioritise improvements based on your guests’ needs
  • Use entertainment, dining and décor to fill your venue all year long

The VIP Principle is a sure bet to keep your best guests coming back – and bringing their friends.

Copies can be purchased on Amazon or Kindle.
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Igniting Potential – No Challenge To Hard

Michelle’s first book tells the stories and challenges of seventeen industry leaders  in the Hospitality Industry from Australia and New Zealand. It is packed with insights and advice that make it compulsory reading whether you are a club industry leader, aspiring to be selected for managerial roles or are just starting out in the industry.

Michelle Pascoe says “I feel privileged to have worked with some amazing people and wanted to share their secrets of success. The contributors have generously shared both their successes and challenges. I would love to sit these people down with every new employee so they can share their wisdom. Unfortunately we can’t do that so this book is the next best thing. There’s been lots of doom and gloom in the industry recently and I wanted this book to be a good news story and a celebration of what is great about this industry.”

Igniting Potential will give readers insights into everything from achieving a work family balance to dealing with changing legislation and new technology. Every contributor also offers invaluable advice for “new comers” and talks about the changes they have seen in the Club Industry.