EP32: Optimising your online presence through social media efficiency

Serena ‘Dot’ Ryan is an award winning Digital Marketer who is a contributing writer for the largest Social Media Education website in the world, Social Media Examiner. In 2014, Serena created ‘Serena Dot Ryan®’ a digital marketing agency specialising in education and optimising online presence. Serena’s belief is that knowledge is power so it is essential to continuously learn digital marketing. However, it can be hard to see clearly what you should be doing to get the best results for you and your business. So where do you start? To improve or make the most of what you have access to in digital marketing, you need to know what is possible beyond what you already know, you need the opportunity to discover and learn new things. To start your digital marketing learning journey and take advantage of our special offer, visit https://serenadotryan.com/oops.