Female Leadership


My passion is working with women who want to achieve their dreams, have strong values and who want to work with me as their Mentor to Ignite Their True Potential and be by their side as they take each step along their journey.

This program is for entrepreneurs whether they be at the beginning of their business journey or those who have an established business, who are wanting to increase their bottom line, enjoy the life they have chosen and want to take the next step in growing their business.

In 1990 I began my journey when I found myself a mother of a 2 year old and 36 weeks pregnant living in another state from my family, alone after my marriage broke down. Placing my baby and toddler into child care as my mother became ill with cancer was certainly a “juggling act” while I continued to work. In 1994 with a small inheritance from my mother I purchased a computer and printer and grew a business from my kitchen table to now where I am employing over 60 people, working with multi million dollar companies and continuing to grow my business.   I have also made time for myself along the way; remarrying, having another child and now enjoying the wonderful cherished moments being a Nanna.

Over the years I have been a serial mentor for a number of women’s programs and have had the privilege to be part of some amazing start ups and career journeys as a “sounding board” advisor and providing encouragement when “self doubt” creeps in.

My Handbag of Life Mentoring program offers monthly private one on one sessions (in person and online), weekly accountability feedback,  online webinars and the opportunity to meet others in the program annually to discuss common issues, collaborate with ideas and grow their professional networking circle in our  Hubs to be held in Eden, N.S.W.  Professional guest speakers will be invited to present on: Marketing, Wellness, Personal Branding and PR as well as topics that are driven by the needs of the Mentees.

These Hubs will offer a learning experience while watching the waves roll in at Aslings Beach.


You and I will make your dreams become goals and will celebrate the successes along the way. Only you can make the Choice of staying where you are or becoming an entrepreneur or leader in your industry.

Call me now on +612 9799 7799 to learn more about the Handbag of Life Mentoring program.  You can join the program at anytime.