Mystery Shopping

Bringing Heart and Soul to Mystery Shopping

My company Optimum Operating Procedures and Services, better known as “OOPS” prides itself on our long term client relationships.  We are honoured to provide monthly services to multiple clients who have been with us for more than 19 years.

The performance of your venue is our priority, and our goal is to experience every aspect of what your business has on offer. This ensures that our feedback will make a difference to the guests you serve and, ultimately, your bottom line.

OARS, our proprietary reporting system – hosted in the Cloud for real time access – is not just a reporting tool but a real opportunity to understand your customer interactions and service functions. Audit data is available online within 24 hours of each Mystery Shop visit, giving you full visibility over every aspect of the process.

With an audit scope, question inventory and reporting system all able to be tailored to suit the needs of any client in any industry, you’ll always receive meaningful information in an easy to use format.


Mapping the Journey of the Customer

“Mapping of the Journey” reports on the “EXPERIENCE”.  This purely subjective report complements our objective report, providing you the opportunity to experience the customer experience through their eyes as they interact with each of your team and facilities.

For venues to survive they need Recommendations and Referrals. This bespoke software shows the journey and at what points your team and facilities go beyond the guests expectations and those that detract from the overall experience.

Combining the results with our clients expertise, systems and aspirations with our expertise we structure strategies for improved Service Skills, capitalising on strengths in the business and improving on any identified opportunities.

There is the capability to incorporate specific questions and requests to provide a tailored report.

Client requests and research has shown us that in this increasingly competitive market it is vital for businesses to take a clear position in their market and communicate their competitive advantages to both existing and potential customers.  Therefore we offer two further reporting programs a Competitor Audit and Facilitated Focus Groups with top tier players.

To find out more what OOPS provides, please contact me.