Winners of the OOPS 2018 Club Awards announced!

Winners of the OOPS 2018 Club Awards announced!

With this being our first OOPS Scoop for 2019 we are proud to announce the winners of 2018 OOPS Superior Customer Service Awards.  Now in it’s 8th year these awards are highly sought after in the industry and it is an honour on behalf of the whole OOPS team who have visited your venues providing feedback on your facilities and those who make the difference between you and your competitors “your team”.

There are five key awards recognising the Clubs that are categorised by the number of gaming machines and segmented into three tiers; large, medium and small in NSW as well as recognising a club in the ACT and one team member across all 70 of our clients who has consistently provided superior service to your patrons through observation and direct service to our Snoops.

Each year the margin between the winning club and those in the same category is minimal with this year only being a mere 0.3%.  These results are a true indication on how you are providing your members and guests an experience that has them returning and recommending others. So congratulations to you all.

The winners are:


Mingara – this multi award winning venue continues to develop it’s vision


Club Central Menai – this venue has backed up again this year after taking our the same category award in 2017


Dooleys Regents Park – it’s been a pure delight to watch the transformation of this cosy community club over the past few years


Vikings Lanyoncongratulations to Laura and her team 


We all know that it doesn’t matter how attractive our venues are it is the team that breathes life into the venue providing the service that impacts on your members and guests.

The winner this year is an absolute stand out as a fantastic all rounder and a great asset to the Club.

Cathy Osborne from Club Italia (part of the Mounties Group) has been nominated by six different OOPS team members covering all areas of the Club.  Here is a typical comment on her role as a Customer Service focussed team member

“Cathy was seen in all areas of the club, she seemed busy but always willing to stop and help or chat. She was great at interacting with kids and at keeping patrons happy. She provided swift and friendly customer service even whilst she was busy attending to various areas of the club. It created a great impression of the club having her on the floor.”

Please join me in congratulating each and everyone of these winners on their outstanding performance throughout 2018.  Look out for our February newsletter with photos of the Award presentations.


Finally I wish to acknowledge those who have recommended OOPS to their colleagues and counterparts that has seen continued growth for us in 2018. A sincere Thank you!
If you would like to be a part of the OOPS Superior Customer Service Experience Awards please contact us on (02) 9799 7799 or