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You started your business with high hopes… Like dreams of huge profits and extra cash in your pocket.

…Plans of highly productive teams and impeccable management.

…Visions of securing long term business that promise financial security.

But, just like so many people, reality creeps in and you struggle with the systems, processes and even just finding the time to implement them.

You act on impulse and make rushed decisions: Marketing, operations and cashflow? Prioritised. And customer service? Swept under the rug just like your retention rates.

Month by month, your rate of new business declines and your current client satisfaction suffers. As a business owner, you feel swamped in stress. And as for your managers and frontline team? Their levels of overwhelm is reaching another planet.

Customer Retention Revolution Program is a step by step, “here’s how you implement it” membership designed to connect like-minded entrepreneurs to state of the art Customer Service & Retention resources!





Are you a female EntrepreneurManager or Returning to the Work Force.

✔️ You are ready to commit to Personal and Professional Development.

✔️ You want to Stop The Inner Critic and live you life YOU choose… not the life others choose for you!

✔️ You’ve lost your spark and motivation and to reclaim it.

This self paced 6 module course is ready for you now to step into the life you choose and deserve.  I’ve built multiple businesses over the past 25 years and have been exactly where you are; when I started I had the sole responsibility of two very young children purchasing my computer and printer from the small inheritance from my mum (my best friend).  My plan never included employing over 70 people, breaking into industries that were male dominate, becoming an expert and go to person for my clients, with many of them being with me through all the ups and down, but I did.  I have achieved more than I first thought I could achieve and continue to grow and evolve as a person and business owner.

This course is supported by a group of like minded women in our live Q & A sessions.

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