Hi, I'm Michelle




Since 1994 Michelle has spent hundreds of hours delivering insights, retention strategies and leadership programs all while founding one of Australia’s most respected training and research company’s, Optimum Operating Procedures and Services (OOPS). Providing mystery shopping, service benchmarking, focus groups, competitor audits, specialised leadership programs and customer service and engagement frontline training.

Over the past two decades Michelle has presented in Australia and internationally to a variety of industries, focusing upon Connecting Generations through Customer Service, Leadership – moving from Buddy to Boss, Retention, Resilience and Women in Business. Michelle is a Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) and is the PSA Australian Representative of the Global Speakers Federation.

When it comes to training it is clear that ultimately setting non-negotiable service standards within your business is the key to igniting the potential and engaging an intergenerational team.  Michelle’s training courses focus upon professional and personal development, presented onsite and online.

Igniting Potential the title of Michelle’s first book has established her as a recognised author; leading her to deliver her second book The VIP Principle widely accepted and regarded as an amazing resource to those in the hospitality, gaming and casino industry.

Michelle is known for her adaptability on and off the stage, consultative approach, extensive customer service experience and specialised knowledge.

From a foundation in the Hospitality industry and an employer of 70 staff, Michelle has developed a strong repertoire of “real life” customer service/business success scenarios which she communicates to people from diverse business backgrounds in a variety of forums both locally and internationally.

With a proven track record and vast experience, Michelle specialises in every aspect of service operations and processes – looking holistically at the overall impact of the customer experience.